A.N.A AB,S a fitness TRAINING AND class for a new A.N.A training system


• Losing fat and shaping your abs
• Modeling your abs
• Bulk up your abs
• Using free weights and tools to shape your abs
• Squeezing and holding resistance exercises

A.N.A A,bS Work out after 10 to 20 minutes of warming up/running or with any kind of training for low heart rate .
We start working on our abs by using four groups of muscles starting from the upper stomach muscles to the middle and side and ending with the lower abdominals. Following the workout one should stretch their lower back muscles to balance both the back and abdominal muscles (Feel it, try it & keep going).

A.N.A CARDIO KICK PUNCH FU Shadow' AND Impact 1- A.N.A. AB, S 55
20X 50=1000= SHAPING, MODELING UR abs
20 =Repetition each exercise
50= Exercises training class
1000= totaly of Repetitions in 55min

2- A.N.A Molding your Abs

Uses the same group of muscles in exercise but is more focused on repetition and ripping your stomach muscles (have a six pack and feel satisfied about yourself).

3- A.N.A Weight Abs'
will teach you how to exercise your abs by using machines with resistance in order to pump your ab,s muscles and develop cuts (have massive and exploding stomach muscles).

4- A.N.A free weights & tools
to shape your abs Building and shaping your abs with light weights , medical ball ,new fitness tolls for abs T.R.X ROPPES resulting in increased cuts and control of one’s abs and back muscles (feel it, control it, pump it).

5- A.N.A Squeeze and Hold

Resistance- Working out of the abs with more squeezing exercise and holding core using yoga and chi kung techniques . (Breathe exercise and hold).

Time  Calories  Training  Music  Location  Exercise type   Results
55min   400 average  group and private   pop, house   out,
in door
  non aerobic and aerobic
  shaping your ab's ,strong back muscles